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the_crack_rack's Journal

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What is The Crack Rack?

[Well, the crack rack is a number of things.
As of right now, we are still working out the kinks!]

Fanfiction Recommendations

I have gathered a handful of incredible writers to make recs of their favorite fics. For this round, the recs do not have a set layout, fandom, or anything. They are completely rec-ers’s choice!

Current Plans
-Keep a few regular rec-ers.
-Have a round of recommendations once a month.
-Hold various themes for the rec’s.
-Have guest rec-ers!

As of now, Recommendations will be posted on the 30th of each month.

Suggestions are welcomed!



cccpirate - Karlie's Info
corelle - Corelle's Info
evergrnterrace - Sam's Info
overtoned - Jazzy's Info


Guest Rec-ers
  • Guest Rec-er Listing
  • Make Recs!

    If you are interested in becoming a rec-er, please sign up here

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    Posting Schedule
    December Round 1: 12/16/07
    December Round 2: 12/23/07 ~ Holiday Theme
    December Round 3: 12/30/07 ~ Author Rec

    *December schedule is off due to holiday and re-sets.
    January Round 1: 1/06/08
    January Round 2: 1/20/08
    January Round 3: 1/27/28


    Theme Schedule

    January: ~Angst~
    February: ~Love~

    Not a member but would like to rec anyway? Go here


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