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Roll Call!!!

We need to figure out if people are still wanting to do this or not. :)

Sooo, everyone has to do this.

You need to respond by midnight tomorrow.

If you want out, say the word.

I also need to find at least 1 more regular, preferrably 2...

Any suggestions?

Theme discussion


We;ve got to get some themes down... :)

I think, the best way to go about this, since we can't all get on and discuss this via IM... Is for us to all post what we want and our ideas for future themes and just find a way to compromise.. :) Maybe have votes...

For now, this is for the regulars only, but I'm not opposed to anyone else's opinion or suggestion.. I doubt the rest of us would be either.

Anyway, Here's what I think...

I want to have a specific genre month. Het, yaoi, yuri... That's three genres for three post dates... Since it would kind of interefere with the short/short/chapter-fic setting we have going on, I think we could compromise it a bit and either add a section for WIP and chapter fics to each of the three posts or do an additional post on the final date for that month...

Even if you only have one or two het or yuri fics, I know we all have massive amounts of yaoi! XD

And Corelle wants to do a holidays theme. I'm game for this.. We've decided that the Dec. 23 posting date is good...

What do you all think.. Any ideas or themes you want to see put together?

Let me know!!!

Also, I'm going to get started on the tracking page...

Profile: Corelle

As I am really lazy I've taken this straight from my profile. I'm cool like that.

Name: You can call me whatever you want
Age: 23
Location: Germany
Occupation: Stay at home mom, Slash writer
Links: dA, My Website

What I Write

I have recently dove headfirst into 8 or so new fandoms. As of right now Prince of Tennis, Princess Princess, and Ouran Host Club have the biggest shares of my soul. However I have yet to write ficcage for them. I will soon though I swear, November was a slow month hopefully December will be better.

I've written mostly Bleach and only slash so far. The main pairings are Urahara/Ichigo (my OTP) and Isshin/Ichigo. That being said, I do write quite a lot of incest so if that offends you...don't read it. I do label everything so you'll know what has incest and what doesn't.

I have written three Saiyuki fics but don't know if I'll ever get around to writing anymore so don't hold your breath.

You can find everything I've done archived here: All My Stuff

Umm, yeah I think that's it.

Todays list of updates..


Profile has been edited.
~Working Schedule has been posted.
~Links have been added

All regulars now hold maintainership. If you do not want this, please let me know and I'll remove it.. :)

What we have and what we need...

Jazzy has posted her bio and her recs.
Corelle has posted her recs.

I am still working on both of minemy recs, but they should be posted today...

We also need some guest rec-ers...

More news?

Jazzy will be handling the memories.
We've decided that it would be best to have tags, memories AND a post with links to ensure easy tracking. (the post and new tags will be implemented later!)

You don't need to worry about the tags, I will periodically go through and adjust them. :)

If any of you have any ideas you want to see in effect, just say the word.

We've also added a post for people to rec fics, anon or not. Thanks Jazzy! <3

Please to be giving feedback! I also need your bios posted AND your rec lists if you haven't done so already!!! <3

As soon as everyone has their bios and first rec lists, I'll start pimping the shit out of this place.. :) We'll need some trafic, me thinks.. XD

Good rec-ing!

Profile : Sam

I shall be profusely boring with this. :)

My name is Samantha, but I mostly answer to Sam.

I'm a 23 year old working mom. I'm engaged and have been for many moons(marriage is bad?).

I like prettyful colors and apply this interest to my hair. Currently, I'm decked out for Christmas.. XD

I have 2 tattoos and 12 piercings.

I spend a lot of my "spare time" reading fanfic. I also read a bit of manga and watch a bit of anime. I read normal books, too... Just not as often.

I work far too much, but things should settle down on that front after the holidays.

I like to pretend that I can write and draw, but it usually isn't actually true.


I think that should do it.

Give us your recs!!!

Do you know of a story that NEEDS to be recognized but don't have the time to sign up for an entire round?

Post it HERE!!! You can do it anonymously. You can post under your name. It doesn't matter!!


Title w/link:
AAdditional Comments/warnings:


If you would like to NOT be credited, please say so. Otherwise, we will put your lj name at the bottom of the post!


Profile: Jazzy

Ye Olde Profile Page of Her Eminence, The Great Jazzy

name: jazzy
eljay: overtoned
species: armadillo
interests: burrowing.

Read moarCollapse )

Fics. I have them.

So evergrnterrace came to me and said: "Jazzy, rec something."

I started saving fics that were soul-worthy around four years ago. So I have myself quite a hefty load of these wonders. They helped me develop a style, explore my narrative voice, and truly appreciate all aspects of the fandom. Fanfiction, when written well, are fucking works of wonder.

Now here, I have to admit the first part of my epic-lose. I saved these fics without knowing that one day, I would share them. So I do not have the URL to them, only the actual works. To see these fics, you are going to have to download the document from the file that I load up. This means that:
1. The sendspace links will expire
2. It’s hard as hell for you to review on the original author’s page.

I’m sorry for this inconvenience. It’s just that I really, truly did not see this coming some four years ago. However, to compensate for this, I have made some sort of amends, and below are my guidelines, instructions, enumerated notes and the like.

1. I will post a rec list every other week. They will always be in the same format.
2. Multichapter fic recs are only done once a month, at the end of every month.
3. The fics that are not linked to their original location will be in a zip file loaded onto sendspace. They will be active for approximately two weeks. Afterwards, you may comment on the rec post with your email (screened) for the file to be sent to you.
4. Please do not review the fics on the rec post. I did not write these. Instead, please go to the author’s page to show your appreciation. They deserve it.
5. If I can find the link to the original story, I will provide the link.
6. If this is your story and you do not want it on the rec list, comment and I will remove it.
7. If you have the original URL you’d like me to link it to, comment and I will link it.
8. If this is your story and there’s anything you want me to do, comment and my people will contact your people.
9. Yes, it is very easy to tell which fandoms I dwell heavily in.

Thank you.


**Note: all fics in this week's rec have been located, thus no need for sendspace files.
Please to be providing you with a map to the seedy underbellies of Middle Earth.Collapse )


Modly post?

Ok everyone(I'm late!) Post your fic rec's if you haven't already!!!

I'll have min eup later tonight.. :)

Saiyuki Fic Rec

These are listed by pairing and are mostly slash.

SaiyukiCollapse )